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As an edupreneur take the leap of faith and pursue your dreams with us. Online education will be over $2bn Industry in India by 2021 says Google and KPMG

Scope of Vedic Mathematics

Avail great opportunities

Our Founder President Mr. Gaurav Tekriwal giving a TED Talk on the scope of Vedic Math

Currently, the world is going through a crisis in Mathematics Education. Numeracy levels of various countries have gone down and there are not many solutions in sight. We were going through the recent ASER 2014 Report released by the NGO Pratham and was aghast looking at the state of Math Education in the country.

According to the report in 2014 only 26.3% of std III children could do a two digit subtraction. Only 26.1% of children in Std V could do division. And in 2014 only 44.1% in std VIII could do a three digit by one digit division problem.It is a global maths crisis we are witnessing today. Our children aren’t getting any better with maths and clearly, the methods which we have in math have failed.

They hate math so much so that failing in it has become a fashion statement – something to be proud about. In this backdrop of a global math crisis, any solution which makes math simple and easy definitely calls the attention of students, parents and teachers alike.

Everybody wants a solution to make maths fun. This is where many solutions fit in like the Abacus, Kumon and Vedic Mathematics. Vedic Maths is one such solution to the students for making Maths simple and easy.They get better at school, understand concepts and even apply the vedic maths rules to competitive examinations like the SAT, Common Admission Test (CAT) or GMAT.

The business model

How the Vedic Maths Franchise Works

The online hub and spoke business model is one of our best implemented and executed models and has helped us take Maths Education to far reaching places. The core of this model is a Maths Hub which we have set up in Kolkata, India. Maths Teachers come to the hub, work in 8 hour shifts and train students Online in various countries where we have presence.

The advantage of this model is that it is a very cost effective way to scale up for the franchisee and we can control the quality of education delivered from this central location. There are no upfront costs like rent, teacher’s salary, infrastructure costs which can bring down the profitability of the franchise.

Instead this model lets the franchise owner to focus and work on bringing in the students and gain commission by scaling up. Of course the profit margins are also higher in this online model.

We understand concerns from the market especially parents who are not so keen on this model because they do not know if their child will learn or not. One of the first things to understand in this regard is that the whole concept of e-learning is new and we will get the first movers advantage to ride the big e-learning wave. Parents need to be shown the advantages of the online model as well like no drop-off and pick-up, security and a reasonable cost of the whole service with a promise of getting better grades for their children.

We also give you the traditional offline classroom style business model to work with. We train a faculty on your behalf and certify him in Vedic Mathematics. He will then be taking classes and add to the top line of the company. You will then be able to conduct workshops and classes at your center. We equip you with the Vedic Maths Forum kit which includes Books, Tshirts, Pens and other merchandise for students.

The Franchise Process

Apply for the Franchise on our Vedic Maths Forum Franchise website. We would then send you the complete franchise information kit on your email and thereafter call you to discuss your vision for the franchise. We will be happy to share additional information with you to help you reach the right decision for your career.
Once you are more confident after discussing the franchise operations with us, you could choose one of the three franchise plans which match your budget and then execute the franchise agreement for your city.
We then start your online training on Vedic Maths Concepts and also on Leadership, Sales and Marketing. This period is for almost two months is also utilized to answer your remaining queries and to work on your deliverables.
You start focusing on growing your franchise and adopting the various strategies discussed with you in the training. You network in your city and form partnerships with schools and other organizations nearby.
You are now ready to open for business. At this point your future is growing brighter because the person with the most to gain–you–is finally in charge of your success!!

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